In 2016 the Grand Commandery funded the building of a house for a leprosy sufferer, Mr Michael Zigara, in Western Uganda. In late August 2016, our Hospitaller, Chev Paul Warren, went out see the house and to visit Kagando Hospital which has a leprosy department.

He found Michael's new house to be well built and a great improvement on the previous mud hut.

Leprosy is still common in this part of the world, and Paul saw many sufferers, both in the hospital and in the surrounding areas. The people are very poor and have no water or electricity. Collecting water often involves a trek of several hours.

The Council of the Grand Commandery of the Castello is considering a possible future project in Western Uganda.

PW1 350Bush plane across Uganda
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PW2 350Equator en route to Kagando

PW4 350Addressing nursing staff at Kagando hospital

PW5 350With lepers at Kagando Hospital

PW11 350Michael Zigara’s house

PW13 350With Michael’s family and Canon Benson Baguma – director of the hospital

PW13a 350Michael’s daughters Katusabe and Mackline in front of their new house

PW14 250Michael’s sister’s house next door.
Similar to Michael’s before it was washed away

PW20 350With Kalpere, a leper in a nearby village

PW21 350Elizabeth, another leprosy sufferer

PW22 350Elizabeth’s family

PW25 350With the disabled association in the village of Bwera,
near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo

PW62 350With the chairman of the disabled association in Bwera