Our intrepid Hospitaller, Chev Paul Warren, returned to Uganda in March 2017 to discuss a new project for Kagando Hospital.

The original plan had been to buy some agricultural land for the hospital. However this turned out not to be viable, due to the difficulty of obtaining a definitive land title.

After meetings with hospital authorities, a plan was proposed to build accommodation for visiting medical staff. The rental income from the property would go into a dedicated account for the benefit of leprosy sufferers.

This plan has now developed into reality, with the first tranch of funds from the Grand Commandery already sent to Kagando.

Whilst in Uganda, Paul had the opportunity to revisit the house the Grand Commandery built for Mr Michael Zigara last year, and to meet Michael and one of his daughters again. (The other daughter was in school.)

Paul also visited some other local leprosy groups.

Click here to see where Kagando is on the map: http://bit.ly/2rZ0pcw

ug2017 1 350

Handout of Clothes, Soap and Sugar to Local Villagers
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 ug2017 2 350

With Michael Zigara

ug2017 3 350

Rita Miller with Some of the Children

ug2017 4 350

Proposed Land for New Accomodation

ug2017 5 350

With a Leprosy Group in Kasese

ug2017 6 350

With more Leprosy Sufferers in Kasese