Chev Joseph Amato GauciGCLJ, KMLJ

Jurisdiction Commander – 1980 - 1991

It is noteworthy that during the early years the administration of what is now the Grand Commandery of the Castello was still settling down. In 1980, the “Commandery of Lochore in Malta”, as the jurisdiction was known then, became a separate entity from its Scottish parent with Chev Joseph Amato Gauci as its first Head of Jurisdiction.

In 1986, the jurisdiction was renamed the Commandery of the Castello.

Chev Joseph continued as Commander until 1991. By profession, he was a senior civil servant who became Assistant Director of Agriculture.

In the early years the Commandery was small: ten years from formation in1983, it still had only nine members. However, within that number were some highly influential persons who made their mark elsewhere in Malta. Among the nine were Mrs (later Dame) Janatha Stubbs and her husband Patrick Stubbs, together responsible for creating “Ir-Razzett tal-Ħbiberija”. The Minister of the Scots Kirk, the Reverend Colin Westmarland was recruited as Chaplain of the Jurisdiction, and in 1984 Henry Wismayer, a retired Surgeon Commander became Almoner. The Commandery was English-speaking and ecumenical.

Chev Joseph Amato Gauci, who died in 1995, was followed as Commander by Major Chev Stuart Hamilton.