Plate 22Additional courses over Courtyard wall

Examination of stonework patterns shows that the Courtyard wall was increased in height by approximately five masonry courses (22) at a date which was later that the date of construction of the Knights’ Hall and Kitchen, over which this heightened wall extends as a parapet wall; it is possible that this extension to the original dry stone boundary wall was constructed at the same time as the Council Chamber, however this is not certain.

The door presently leading from the Hall to the Chapel was a relatively recent addition (circa 1972) since the lintol is built in concrete, now plastered over (23).

Plate 23Plastered lintol in door leading to Chapel

It is known that, in circa 1960, a loadbearing wall still existed in place of the arch which presently divides the Chapel, and which was probably erected in 1972; this wall contained a door which connected the original two rooms which today constitute the Chapel, and the only access door to the Chapel was the one leading from the Courtyard. Up to, and possibly for a few years after, 1960, the two rooms forming the Chapel were used for storage of hay 3 . It is understood that alterations to the building were carried out under the direction of architect Chev. Maurice Captur 4 . The corridor along the eastern wall of the Kitchen, and the small block which contains the ground floor toilet and store were built after 1968, as evidenced by aerial photographs, most probably in 1972 under the direction of Architect Captur.